Jerry Buckle Company Limited | Services

JBCL Services

Jerry Buckle Company Limited is mainly into the following areas of business:

Labour Outsourcing:

JBCL has a reservoir of experienced skilled and unskilled personnel from which we can at any point in time draw to meet our clients' demand even on short notice. We take on the Human Resource Functions from start to finish including:

Employees are only recommended to our clients after their skills and competences in their respective fields have been thoroughly tested. Pre-employment medical tests are carried out to ensure their physical and mental fitness. Furthermore, we effectively manage all industrial relations issues of our outsourced employees including negotiation of the conditions of service where applicable, to ensure industrial harmony.

Estate Management:

The estate management department of JBCL handles contracts relating to:

JBCL has experienced professionals in the Real Estate Industry with adequate knowledge of the Nigerian terrain in relation to property pricing, leasing, purchasing and selling.

Clearing , Forwarding and Freight Management

JBCL renders clearing and forwarding services through the sea ports. We also render freight services.

Oil Field Services

We engage in all aspects of oil field services such as petroleum products, general oil and gas, natural resources, engine oil, storage, purchase and management of petrol stations of all kinds in Nigeria and elsewhere, Oil and gas installation services, supply, storage, refilling, sale and distribution of cooking gas.

Technical Services

We engage in all aspects of technical services such as electrical & air condition installation, maintenance, repair, sales and services.

Among our clients are: